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First and new novel by Author Matt Bielert. Soon to be released worldwide through Iuniverse Publishing. Save MAtthias has been a decade in the making, a powerful story taking readers on a action packed journey of faith, strength and hope. This novel touches on all emotions as we read and find how far belief can take main character Matthias Dante. Raised to be the defender of the earth, matthias must journey through an inner struggle to walk the path that has been presented, or to leave the world to itself and watch it perish. With the help of family, new friends and spiritual miracles, Matthias will  be led to his destiny. Save Matthias available now on and Iuniverse Bookstore. Barnes and Noble. Ebook will be available in two weeks.

The wait is over. Author Matt Bielert and Save Matthias have arrived. Master story telling, fine details and fast paced action will make sure you never put the novel down. 



Thrilling in the extreme, soul stirring and full of life.

Penguin publishing

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